We all have to consider what costs we are willing to spend on a wedding. Some couples have thousands of dollars to spend while others would prefer to spend money on a deposit on a house, honeymoon or other life costs.

Because of this, I've added a new Budget Invitation Collection. They are still personalised with the guest names on the invitation. Matching church booklets, menus, placecards and thank yous can also be included.

They are printed on a smooth white cardstock. Often they are full colour with white text. Matching envelopes (and printing), RSVP and information cards can also be purchased separately - You are in charge of how much you spend.

Colours of the backgrounds are interchangeable - let me know what your colour theme is and I can email you some examples. We can also design an opening card for you or different sized sleeves - Its up to you to let me know what you like and I will endevour to design something suitable.

If you need other stationery (for example menus, church booklets and/or place-cards, thank-yous) we can follow the theme of the budget invites.


Price guide (subject to vary dependent on quantity and products needed)

C6 invite sleeve with addressed envelopes from $2.70 each

DL invite sleeve with addressed envelopes from $3.00 each

Square, 5x7" and A5 with addressed envelopes from $3.20 each

Additional cards (info, RSVP, wishing well poem etc) are extra cost









Design: 5x7" assorted floral designs

Design: 5x7" assorted floral designs

Design: 5x7" assorted floral designs

Design: 5x7" assorted floral designs



Design: Budget-DL-Joshua-Rachel

Design: Budget-Let-This-Be-Our-Destiny


Design: Budget-Tracey-Stephen

Design: Budget-DL-photo

Design: Budget-Josh-Shavorne

Design: Budget-Miranda-Ben


Design: Budget-Tom-Kobee

Design: Thankyou-Josh-Rachel

Design: Budget-Ciara-Brendan

Design: Brett-Jenny-Anniversary

Budget-sleeve-garden flower


Design: Budget-Eucalyptus Leaves-Waratah

Design: Budget - Amir & Chantal Engagement

Matching stationery is available for your special day

Design: Menu-Rachel-Joshua


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