Click on the images below to see photos of different candle designs.






Creative Flair now has 4 main candle sizes.

  1. Tall candle. This is 30cm tall x 7cm diameter and as an introductory price is the same price and the large candle.
  2. Large candle is approx 23 cm tall x 7.5cm diameter
  3. Medium candle is approx 15cm tall x 7cm diameter
  4. Bomboniere candle is approx 10 cm tall x 5cm diameter.


Personalised candles are used to help celebrate many special events including:

  1. Religious events like Christenings, Baptism, Holy Communion & Confirmation;
  2. Weddings (family unity candle set);
  3. In memory of or Memorial/Bereavement;
  4. Teacher appreciation gifts;
  5. Bomboniere;
  6. Centerpieces;
  7. Xmas Gifts

We can add a photo (or a few), a nice cross, a poem, personal info like name, dob, godparents names, parents names.

No matter what the event, a personalised candle can make the perfect gift or accessory.

Click on the images above to see photos of different candle designs.



please contact us to make an appointment to view our range of products and to discuss your options.