Wedding Candles are also used for the Unity Candle ceremony. Although I believe it originates from a religious background, it is now used for non religious ceremonies too.


The unity candle ceremony represents the uniting of 2 families. Traditionally the 2 mothers light the smaller candles and then the couple getting married light the larger central candle from these 2 smaller candles. If there are children involved in the joining of these families it is also lovely if the children participate in this ceremony.


Please note: If you are having a ceremony outside it is recommended that the candles are placed in some sort of vase so that the candle can be lit. Ditto - if you are inside make sure the candles are not directly under a heating fan (speaking from direct experience lol)


My candles are made to order.  They are personalised with the information you give me. I have a number of images (hearts, rings, initial motifs etc) that can be incorporated. I have many different ribbon colours. All my candles are decorated then dipped into a glaze which burns with the candle - it does not need to be removed.


30cmTall Pillar Candle Unity Set with 2 tapers

Anniversary Candle

Michelle-Michael-unity candle

30cm Tall Wedding candle-Jodi-Robert

30 cm tall Pillar Candle

30 cm tall - Dont cry for me, Ill be right beside you

Rachel_Toby_medium unity candle

Family Candle-Katavic-Lace

Unity Candles-Liam-Jenny

Unity Candle-Rebecca-Stephen

Unity Candle-Jelena-Branislav

Unity Candle-Elena-Robert

Family Candle-Carlyon Family

Post Wedding Candles

In Loving Memory Candles for  Wedding Days


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