In 2016 Creative Flair introduced Personalised Decorative Ceramic Plates. At the moment we offer square and round bread and butter sized plates. If you want a larger plate we can source one specially for you at an extra cost.

Like everything else Creative Flair does, these are made to order and are personalised. I have made quite a few and it does all depend on what photo and information you want on the plate. Some photos suit better a square plate and some round. When you send me the information, I do advice which might look better but I give you the options and ultimately it is your decision.



Each is individualised and without seeing the information/image it is difficult to confirm what the design will be.  For example this beautiful memorial photo was sent to me. This young gentleman was a photographer and his "self portrait" was stunning in its own right. I knew if I added to a round plate we would loose the symmetry/creativity of this photo. Also if I wrote the writing from left to right it would ruin the aesthetics of this image. Writing the text in a grey and on its side just made it perfect. I may never use this design again as it was specific to this photo however if you wish me to work my designs around your image let me know and we can explore the options.



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